If there’s one question every blogger will be asked it’s this:


There’s good reason for asking this too. It can tell you a lot about not just the person, but also their reasons for blogging.

‘Thatordinarycouple’ is so special to me and I’ve been asked a few times exactly how and why I came up with this name. So today, I thought I’d tell you. I hope you enjoy the story.

It’s funny how a name comes around. Sometimes it might take lots of planning and it might be really difficult to find the right one. Or it could come to you in a flash.
As for me, ‘That Ordinary couple’ came about due to a disaster.

It wasn’t a particular process. I didn’t write anything down or try coming up with different combinations. I didn’t force myself to come up with anything though I surely forced the boy to. And it didn’t come to us in a flash. It came from our Instagram account getting hacked.

So let’s start from the beginning, shall we? 

I had been wanting to change my Instagram name into something unique – something different but completely relatable. I did panic about a name. I also remember losing sleep over it. And at some point I remember obsessing about a name. It was always on my mind. I saw so many blogs with great names that I just thought, why can’t mine be as awesome as that?

I kept pestering the boy every now and then for just coming up with a name. He kept postponing the inevitable by saying that your Instagram name is perfect (which was my name BTW), but it didn’t feel right to me.

You ask why ?

Well, that’s because the boy worked as much as me on the account – used to help me with pictures – with captions – with everything, that it felt wrong to me for him not being a part of it OFFICIALLY. But I let the matter go soon.

Then Disaster struck.

Just when I was hopping around with a grin about the fact that I had reached 50k, someone decided to hack our account – delete about 300 of our photos – unfollow everyone – make our account private and then proceed to make it his/her own with the shadiest profile picture ever.

I was busy shifting into our new house when this happened – which is why I realised it late that our account has been taken over. Thankfully I had my Facebook account linked to it that I could recover the account (Instagram help support was of no help at all).

At night when the boy returned from his outstation trip, we were eating dinner when I told him that I wanted to change the name now – Start AFRESH. He understood, I think, and came up with the ‘thatordinarygirl’. So when I checked if that  Instagram name was available, I also checked if ‘thatordinarycouple’ is available and it was. It was also such a simple but a relatable name as we both are very ordinary people living a super ordinary life. Meant to be, I guess.

Ultimately, I wanted to start a blog, because I wanted a way to document my life. Sure, I could journal. But that wasn’t allowing me to keep every moment, every memory and every conversation. I wanted somewhere to keep it all. And to share that with other people. I decided that my blog was going to encompass everything in my life and I’ve tried to stay true to that. ‘Thatordinarycouple’ is not about only travelling, it’s about everyday – Our everyday. 

So if you’re new to the blogging world and deciding on your name, or you’ve got one but you’re not sure whether to change it, here’s some advice – Think about words that describe you, your blog and what you want to blog about. Go with descriptive words that tell a story. Finding your brand name doesn’t have to be the hardest task in the world. Remember it’s about you – who you are and what this life means to you.

       With that message, Go make your own way.



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  • Pari

    You both are couplegoals…and Ma’am you are very genuine and creative person.Ma’am plz do share your experiences as an army wife.

  • Deepak BAJAJ

    Concise, yet Inspirational ! Like incense smell, tickling the senses, and awakening the beliefs. Lajwaab!

  • Zeel

    Hard work always pays off! Keep shining!

  • Sayli Amar Hatle

    You are too good. And i always enjoy your writing. Inspiring in true sense. Thank you so much for giving and sharing your valuable time with us.

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