Into the wild with Renault CAPTUR !

I was recently invited by Renault India team for a blogger meet organized in the scenic surroundings of Madikeri, Coorg to experience their newly launched SUV – The ’Renault CAPTUR’.

The Renault CAPTUR is a SUV, which is super stylish in its looks and at the same time sturdy to handle any kind of terrain with ease.

Over a period of two days which included driving and experiencing Renault CAPTUR on the highway, pothole filled Indian roads, off the beaten track and some off roading – It managed to ‘CAPTURE MY SENSES’ a complete 100%.

Sounds like quite an experience right ? Well – Keep Reading.

My first drive in Renault CAPTUR was from Taj Madikeri towards Mandalpatti hills which was about 30Km away and took us about an hour or so from where we proceeded to gauge the performance of this SUV in a really rough natural off-road track which was full of big stones and dust filled troughs. During this complete drive we came across steep inclines, sheer drops and some pretty tricky manoeuvring and well – Trust me when I say this, it was a smooth drive in spite of the bumps and potholes : all thanks to the 210mm of ground clearance and solid suspension.

I am a person for whom it is absolutely impossible to sit in the backseat of any car all thanks to the slipping headaches I get. If you are someone like me – well I have news for you folks – I did not get any even for a minute in Renault CAPTUR. Says a lot about my impression of the car right?

There’s no denying that CAPTUR looks really stylish. But what is even more impressive about CAPTUR is the kind of space it provides. There is loads of it. The cabin feels roomy and climb into rear and you will have more than enough legroom. Add to it the huge boot space of 392 L where you can carry enough and more luggage with you without thinking twice for your long trips.

Overall CAPTUR promises to be a capable and elegant SUV (unlike many of the boxy SUVs you see on Indian roads). It definitely brings a new perspective to design element of SUVs. Elegant, simple and downright capable SUV is the overall impression I got from the Renault CAPTUR which is creating a temptation worth indulging in. I recommend you take a test drive and see for yourself.

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    A well written preview

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