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Top easily accessible Instagrammable places in Coonoor/Wellington, India

Wellington is every english textbooks dream! Tea Gardens, English style cottages, mountain views and flora-fauna are just some of the elements which make this town in the Nilgiris a must see. Around Wellington you will find some unique spots to shoot for your Instagram account. After spending almost one and a half years here – I’ve discovered some amazing places to shoot but a couple of them require prior permission or some travelling but below are my top easy accessible Instagrammable places nearby.

Tip: If you want to achieve that perfect look & feel for your photos, I suggest bright colours to stand out against all the greenery here.

High Fields Tea Estate
Nilgiris is well known for its beautiful Tea Gardens so why not take advantage of that and get the perfect shot? High Fields Tea Estate is the perfect spot to snap the photo. For the best results, shoot either early morning or in the evening.

Lower Coonoor Local Market
Lower Coonoor Local Market is almost covered with rustic hues of blue, yellow and maroon. This is a photographers paradise, especially if the subject is dressed up in some contrasting colors like yellow or pink. Just find the doors and alleys that suit your taste and let your creativity flow. Instagram will thank you later. I’ll recommend going for the shoot here on Fridays as the market is closed but the exception of a few shops.

While driving from Wellington towards Upper Coonoor, there is a sharp U-turn going towards Sims Park.Right opposite the U-Turn, there’s a Tantea stall. The view from here is spectacular as it gives a typical hill station vibe. Because this road is pretty busy all the time – I recommend shooting early in the morning. This way you might just catch the perfect lighting.

Wellington Railway Station
This station is a part of the World Heritage Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Hues of Blues, two huge yellow boards with Wellington written and hardly any crowd makes this a place you can spend hours getting those Instagram worthy shot.

Nilgiris is the perfect place to boost your Instagram photography, especially if you like nature. In this amazing place you must always have your camera ready since there is always something to shoot.

There are a lot of places to shoot here but the above mentioned are some of the easily accessible ones.

Happy Shooting !


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