Hershey’s Kisses in India

“Chocolate makes everything better”

Who doesn’t know ‘Hershey’s Kisses’ ?

From looking forward to our favourite uncles/aunts getting packets and packets of these chocolates from their international trips to finishing the entire stock in record time – these kisses only come with happy memories and now they are finally in India to spread a lot of happiness around.




On the 17th of this month at the
Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai,
Hershey’s India launched their
popular chocolate ‘Kisses’ in India. 




The launch event began with the journey of the brand and its founder Mr. Milton Hershey over the years, followed by addresses by Michele Buck, President and CEO, The Hershey Company| Steven Schiller, President – International| Herjit Bhalla, MD of Hershey India, along with Hershey’s India brand ambassador – Actress Tara Sharma talking about her associations with the company and then the product was launched with great pomp, dance and a confetti shower. Kisses were passed around, I mean Hershey’s Kisses and everyone was given a taste of the different variants of these chocolates being launched. These chocolates are going to be launched in South India for their first Phase.

Hershey’s Kisses chocolates are distinct because of their unique shape and each one is delicately wrapped to make them perfect for sharing them with loved ones.

So get ready to share some kisses and happiness around with three available variants : (1) the all-time classic creamy Milk Chocolate (2) the popular Almonds – which has creamy milk chocolate and `real’ almond bits  and (3) the unique Cookies `n’ Creme flavour – which has creamy white chocolate with enticing cookie bits.

Go and get some ‘kisses’ for your loved ones now and –


  • peebeebajaj@gmail.co

    Hershey’s kisses are the best

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