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2019 came with a huge change for us, we RELOCATED. If you followed our stories on Instagram, you know what exactly we’re talking about, but if you didn’t let me break it to you – We shifted from the salubrious hills of Nilgiris in the south to the deserts of Rajasthan in the west. Quite an extreme change if you ask me.

Moving to a new city is always exciting. However, with the excitement comes difficulties. Essentials like accommodation, food, transportation, location which need focus and planning was all sorted for us but the biggest challenge that came our way was our MOBILE CONNECTIONS.

You may be wondering about why am I whining and dedicating an entire blogpost to a mobile connection – that’s because 100% of my work is online, which means, that without good connectivity I’m handicapped.

After shifting here for a week I had nothing to do other than just get used to the place and with so much time on my hands I attempted to cook (I feel like I should add I don’t know how to cook). I found myself frantically searching online on “ How to make …” on my phone. But, alas, technology let me down and I was left with a taunting black screen and a blank head to match.
A hundred apologies later to the boy (I had promised him home cooked food), a hungry Pixie staring at me and me feeling super bad, I decided it was time to hire a cook and I was done with slow mobile internet.

After a week of having enough with my mobile connection which didn’t let me do anything on my phone other than receive calls and send SMS’s (Hello Early 20’s), I’d had enough and off I went to get a new connection and switched over to AIRTEL. The procedure to get the sim was pretty convenient and within a couple of hours my connection got activated and then came to moment of judgemenet – Will Airtel be my saviour of my sanity ?

AND VOILA! We have 4G !

We’ve all been there, whether it’s a bad connection, busy network or our mobile settings and apps seemingly working against us. But, I’ve learned my lesson and have been working on taking back control of my internet speed. I’m sure, a lot many of us can relate to the feeling of happiness by having a good internet connectivity. We can stay connected on Whatsapp, Surf the net, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix and what not.

I love Korean Dramas. I’ll admit it, Or as the kids call it nowadays KDRAMAS. Many are the nights I’ve sat up after the boy has gone off to sleep, with the intention of watching just one more episode and looking up at the clock to see it’s waaaay past my usual bedtime.
Binge watching shows are here to stay, whether it be movies or tvshows. It’s got me thinking – what is it that makes us click the play button for the next episode, even if we really don’t have the time for it ? Why do we love binge watching so much ?

I don’t know about you – but for me it’s because of the awesome mobile internet connection available. With my new found love for these shows (I might have a problem – SEND HELP) and my new found love for my Airtel Mobile connection, (4G I LOVE YOU), I get to binge watch all my shows without any break whether it be inside the house or lounging on the bean bag outside on the terrace.
(Thankgod for small mercies).

Go Airtel Go ! GO ! Go ! GO !

Leaving you with a couple of abstract shots we took from the car during the road trip :

Somewhere in South India !
Somewhere in Tamil Nadu !
Maaza Ka Maza !
Dhaba Breaks !
Somewhere in Madhya Pradesh !
Pixie being the happy girl she is !
At the start of the trip !
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  • Abhimanyu

    Waiting for more adventures from you !

  • Mona

    Great 😘😁

  • Manish

    Hello Ma’am n Sir,
    It’s so good to see you in my city. Yes ,i belong to the same city you’re now. I have been trying to contact you for a long time. But checking all the messages is not always possible. I’ll be grateful if i could meet up both of you some day. Keep rocking and jai hind

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