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For our first few vacays abroad, apart from the usual flight bookings, visa clearances and accommodation hunting, there was always a looming question – what about connectivity ? Sure there’re tons of places with free Wi-Fi boards hanging about but then again – to always having to hunt for such a place is, in a word, painful. Also, free Wi-Fi, is not really great Wi-Fi – with plethora of limitations on what you can and can’t do, it’s was almost frustrating. Not to mention, these free Wi-Fi’s have soooooooooopeeeerrr slow speeds!

Having no connectivity also comes with its own share of problems. Sure it’s a big big world, but I am also a big big girl. Though mum & dad back home don’t seem to think so. They always want to know about my whereabouts. And you don’t know what a mama’s boy is till you’ve seen my boy. So a simple thing like updating folks back home that we’re okay would mean:-

Find a coffee shop
Sit in the coffee shop
Order two coffees
Send messages over Wi-Fi
Pay the dues
Walk out

Phew, now that’s a task for all, isn’t it? Moreover, I absolutely love posting on Instgram and stay in touch with friends. And doing so over bad Wi-Fi’s absolutely suck the joy out of the entire process.

(Drumroll Please)

So, this time around for our upcoming trip to Thailand we’re totally drooling over the taking up Airtel International Roaming. Our friend told us about the amazing benefits that the good people at Airtel offer for international travel. They’ve got super economical international roaming packs and sufficient data to access whatever I want – Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. And not to mention the backing up my photos to the cloud! Oh, and did I mention that we can finally use Google Maps live rather than downloading offline maps! With the amount of walking that we do on trips (we walked 28km in Rome one day) maps are a lifesaver.

All the features apart – I think the most important feature is ‘peace of mind’. You’re connected wherever you are, so you don’t have to spoil your mood by walking into bad restaurants and cafes just for their free Wi-Fi’s. The mains back home are happy and you’re the free birds you want to be on a vacation. Now that’s a win win for everyone!

ChinaTown, Bangkok
Phuket, Thailand
Paris, France !
Hanoi, Vietnam !
Hoi An, Vietnam !
Boracay, Philippines !
Burano, Italy !

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